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Gift #1

REINVENT LIVE Seminar - May 14th

You are now registered for The Surrender Seminar on May 14th. This will be a live virtual transformational master class in an intimate setting via Zoom with hundreds of like-minded individuals from around the world. 

You will be guided to move past in a struggle to discover how letting go of control not only will transform your life, but how surrender leads to more magic. Learn the principles of how it leads to more magic. Learn the principles of surrender, what it really is, how to do it and how to live it. 

This three hour live virtual transformation or master class will change your life.

Gift #2

The Magic of Surrender Guided Meditation Audio

Kute shares 8 simple yet powerful Surrender Codes designed to shift your energy. They are affirmations of truth that when held in consciousness as an intention bring you into a deeper state of surrender and flow.

Gift #3

The Surrender Codes (downloadable pdf)

This seminar will teach you the keys to unlock the blockages in your heart, connect with who you really are, catapult you forward to living your gifts and purpose with the world.