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Gift #1

The Magic of Surrender LIVE Seminar - May 8th (completed)

(already taken place) A live virtual transformational master class.

What if there was one belief that could enhance every experience of your life? Join Kute Blackson in an intimate setting live via Zoom with hundreds of like-minded individuals from around the world where you will be guided to move past any struggle to discover how letting go of control will not only transform your life, but also how surrender will lead to more magic.

Learn the principles of how surrender will lead to more magic.

Learn the principles of surrender, what it really is, how to do it and how to live it.

Join me for this 3-hour live virtual transformational master class for free with your purchase of The Magic of Surrender. It will change your life. 

Gift #2

3-Part Online Magic of Surrender Video Training Series

Be inspired as Kute Blackson who teaches you the key principles, tools and ideas for creating an authentic and deeply fulfilling life through living the principle of surrender. 

You will learn how to get out of your own way and how to open to manifesting miracles in every area.

This never released, three part video training series will inspire you to get to your next level.

Check your email for the 3 videos. If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam and promotions tab first, and if not there, send an email to kuteblackson@kuteblackson.com. 

Gift #3

The Magic of Surrender Guided Meditation Audio

Relax, listen and transform by allowing yourself to be guided in a deep healing process that will help you to let go and open your heart to more love, abundance and joy in your life.

Gift #4

The Surrender Codes (downloadable pdf)

Kute shares 8 simple yet powerful Surrender Codes designed to shift your energy. They are affirmations of truth that when held in consciousness as an intention bring you into a deeper state of surrender and flow.

Gift #5

The Love Breakthrough Experience Live - Claim Your Tickets - June 12th (completed)

June 5, 2021 – The Love Breakthrough Experience One Day Virtual Live.

When you order five books, you will receive two free tickets to attend the one day virtual transformational seminar on June 12, 2021, The Love Breakthrough Experience Live.

This seminar will teach you the keys to unlock the blockages in your heart, connect with who you really are, catapult you forward to living your gifts and purpose with the world.

**If you haven’t purchased 5 books, you can go to Amazon and purchase now. Then enter your order receipt below to be a part of this exclusive event.

Send the name and email of your guest to media@kuteblackson.com.